WRITING FOR REVISION As a student you will hopefully be using a variety of student studying tips. One particular area of student studying tips you may find works for you is writing. There are some simple guidelines to this method.  

1. Take regular breaks.
Take time to absorb your research: take a nap or give it a day. Personally I like to get really comfortable while reading my notes then drift off at certain points and wake up and continue, this then gives your mind time to process the new information and come up with more original ideas and of course stops you from getting too tired. This is one of the advantages of this type of student studying tips as you can incorporate it into your relaxation time.

2. Set goals for yourself.
An important part of any one of the student studying tips is to set goals. You know the time you have for your exams, so when doing test essays set yourself goals of completions that test you, for example, if you have an hour try and do it in 50 minutes so you have spare time to re read and add to and then you can pass this on into your real tests. Try and give yourself around 2 minutes below the allowed time to re-read your essay (cannot stress the importance of this enough). The student studying tips you use should all have the specific end of exams in mind so it is important you get used to the timings.

3. Write an outline for your paper (Revision Plan).
To get your mind focused, it’s always best to work from an outline (revision plan). Your revision plan is a starting point to help you think about how your paper will be constructed and how you will connect and expand on these areas. If you’re unsure of how to do this, try and find example answers and see the structure of how they formed their answers.

4. Don’t think too hard. Just write. 
Use the information that’s already in your head on your first run through, this way you’ll be able to identify areas your lacking in your knowledge. After you write your first ‘off the top of my head’ essay then you can start revision using different student studying tips in the areas you’re weak on.

5. Write down every idea.
Hopefully the variety of student studying tips you have been using will have helped you create a good base of knowledge. So don’t disregard your ideas, use them all, even if they don’t fit well. Once you have all these ideas down you can then re-read your essay and then write out notes on these areas of how to include them (or if they’re well off topic disregard them). Sometimes a remote idea can be original enough that you will pick up some marks for originality and analytical thinking. 

6. Talk about it.
One of the best ways to get the information stuck in your head is talking about the subject with friends. The smart only stay smart because everyone’s always asking them questions . . . . well maybe not 100% talking but a good 20% of your revision should be based around talking, heck make a revision group. You may have read in our student studying tips article that revising in a group is a good idea but you can incorporate this into everyday situations by talking with your friends and family. 

7. If you get stuck.
If you get stuck while writing down your test essay don’t get mad, take a break and mull over the work you’ve done or switch to another subject and come back to it. Not all brilliant ideas will come at once and you’ll find new fresh ideas start to come back to you after a short break or after you try some different student studying tips to break your revision up a bit.    Don’t run on just one of the many student studying tips, your brain is composed of many areas so use them all and see our other sections. Mix and match and find your ideal technique.   

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