LAST MINUTE REVISION Good student studying tips will only work if you start them early. Last minute revision is fine if it is just to help clarify what you have already revised, but not putting any of the student studying tips into use until the last minute is not wise. Good last minute revision student studying tips:
Reread your notes/ revision cards. Don’t start a new topic.

Give yourself a cut off time and stick to it.

Don’t try and cram. This is one of the worse student studying tips out there.

Prepare your pencil case in advance. Getting all your equipment together the night before will ease your panic in the morning.

Go to bed early.  

Student studying tips for on the day:

Read through revision cards if you wish to make sure you remember key points.

Don’t keep obsessing about what you don’t know or ask yourself too many questions, you will get yourself into a panic.

Make sure you have breakfast. Eat some slow release energy foods such as bananas or nuts.

Get a bottle of water to take in with you.

Student studying tips for in the exam:

Read and reread the question.

Make a plan drawing on information you have learnt.

Keep an eye on the time.

Look at mark allocations and only write what is necessary, any more than this just wastes time. This is one of the student studying tips you can put into practice when doing mock exam questions too.

If you struggle with a question leave it and come back to it at the end.

Check your answers if you finish early.

Breathe deeply if you are feeling stressed and try to focus on what you are doing.

Try not to miss out any questions, even writing a little may mean you gain some marks.

Just try your best. If you have effectively used some student studying tips to prepare for the exam as well as following these simple rules whilst you are sitting it, then you should find yourself more confident and happy at the end. After all, the more student studying tips you try and the better prepared you are, the more likely you are to do well. Good luck!   

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