5 REVISION LIES Some of the student studying tips I’ve read out there when I was trying to find new ways of revising annoyed me so much I decided to dedicate a page to them. These are the type of student studying tips that will not help you out, they are basically a waste of time and so we wanted to let you know about them here so you don’t fall prey to them yourself.

Number 1 of the bad student studying tips: Record your lectures and listen to them in your sleep. This will not make you magically learn everything that was said. Instead try listening to them whilst awake and combine this with visual methods too so you are getting both areas of your memory working.

Number 2 of the bad student studying tips: “Last minute revision can make you remember more than a whole day revising.” This is not true, simple as that. If it works for you then it is probably because you got lucky and you already knew the topic on the exam pretty well. Using this as one of your student studying tips at university will not help you; there is way too much information to know for this to work. Fine, by all means do some last minute revision, but make sure you already have a base of knowledge by using more student studying tips in the weeks and months before hand.

Number 3 of the bad student studying tips: Just revise a few areas and pray they come up. Maybe you’ll be lucky but its sods law that you won’t. Even if you can’t revise all the areas as in depth as if you only revise a couple, at least you are prepared for every possible question.

Number 4 of the bad student studying tips: Believe you remember everything you have ever read and don’t revise. Some people claim they can do this. Fair enough, some people are better at remembering than others. However, they will only really know the basics and it requires revision to get to know all the details. Next time somebody you know claims they can do this then test their theory and I bet you can make them slip up somewhere. This is the same when it comes to having a photographic memory.

Instead of believing any of the above student studying tips remember the following and you will be on the right track. 1. Start revision early, the earlier the better. 2. Revise, don’t learn all over again. 3. Be organised and make a timetable for revision. 4. Pick a place you are comfortable to do your revision in. 5. Use the student studying tips that work best for you, you may have to experiment to find these but it is worth the time you spent doing this in the end.   

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