HELP WITH JOB APPLICATIONS Get some help with job applications. Students always seem to have a problem when it comes to applications, how do I know this? Because I'm one myself and my friends always have to ask for another copy. This article will give you the guide lines that will help with job applications.   help with job applications:  

• Application forms help employers to compare candidates.

• If a certain box has not been ticked it will quickly be discarded.

• Print out two copies or make a photocopy to allow for those mistakes.

• Always read the whole document before you begin

• Always use blue or black pen. NOTE: check the document it normally will state colour/block

• Concentrate on listing achievements that will be most relevant to the job in question

• Always get a second opinion from a trusted friend (or a critical one since they'll be blunt)

• Read your form before sending it off, carefully checking for grammar and spelling errors

• Keep a copy of your completed form so you can refer to what you’ve written in an interview

help with job applications: avoid at all costs:

• Don’t miss out any questions. Even if its not relevant in anyway put N/A in the box.
• Only include a CV if it asks.
• Don’t include anything you can’t back up at an interview (lies).

Most application forms will use the same basic format as your CV, so a certain amount of copying can be done. There are however, certain areas that will require a little more thought.

help with job applications: Open and closed questions

Closed = Yes/No
Open = Yes/No explain

Open questions, like “What do you think is your best asset?” give you the chance to shine. Be very careful in answering open questions, and make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to make a positive impression. If you need direction use the job description to your advantage.

It is essential to understand exactly what each question is looking for, so note all the word restrictions, instructions and take note of key words in the question such as describe or list.

help with job applications: General hints

Wherever possible highlight; strengths,  your responsibilities, skills and achievements. General sections on the form.

If you’re asked to post the form back to the employer, it’s wise to include a cover letter within the envelope to introduce yourself and give a quick overview of why you’re the best candidate for the job.

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