Where Can You Find Jobs In Your Area?

Every student wants to find a job in order to buy extra things they might need throughout the year as well as allowing them to go out more often. However, in many cases students have only been in either placements or held a single job in their town. Having this job knowledge behind you is useful as it will allow you to have a fighting chance in the scrum for a new job. You do, however, need to remember that you are against all the other students attempting to get term time jobs as well as regular people looking to support themselves and families. But do not let this put you off as getting a job can be one of the best thing to happen as not only can it build upon your people skills but it will also help you once you finish university to get the job you want for life.


There are many places you can find jobs, the most obvious and most used by students is simply to take a high set of CV applications into town. They then look around for signs or go into shops and ask if they have places available and if they could hand in their CV for that possible position. This method is all well and good, however there are much faster and more efficient ways of finding the ideal term time job that fits in with the kind of job you like.


Searching online ahs fast become one of the best methods to submit your CV with many big company’s such as Boots and JJB only accepting people through a CV application online. The reasoning behind this is that they can then take note of everyone who applies refusing those that don’t make the cist and holding others on reserve for placements. This is not the only way you can find more jobs online, one of the best methods is using a job search site (we will mention our personal favourite later on) in order to find all jobs in your area rather than just the town centre.


One thing to make sure you do when checking online is to make sure you look at the job description that each company has wrote. The reasoning behind this is two fold, firstly you want to make sure it is part time and the kind of job you like, secondly you can use the information to your advantage by adapting your CV to the job when sending it in. By customising your standard CV you will look like a much more promising new employee and it may make the difference from getting the interview or not getting the interview.

Overall I would suggest a combination of both. By this I mean that you should use the online job websites on the build up to your move and then once you have moved over you should regularly check for job openings online and also take a trip down town to the side streets where the smaller shops might not have used the online methods to get more interest in their job opportunity.


When choosing your job search site we recommend: http://www.job-centre-vacancies.co.uk as we have worked closely with them over the past year and have found them to be a more that adequate service which has given many of our visitors, just like you the opportunity to reach job vacancy’s before any one else.  

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