THE DONTS OF CV WRITING There are some things that just drive recruiters mad and you will be very wise to read this, internalise it and never make any of those amateur mistakes probably 50% of your competition will.

1. Spelling Errors, Typos and Poor Grammar
You don't get anything by doing this but if you don't bother trying you wont be going anywhere, its an assumed skill. Note: Watch out for auto speller software like Microsoft runs words with a number in l9ke this will not show as incorrect.

2. Too Duty-Oriented
You should show what you've really done by outlining the process, outcomes and results that are specific to you with your job not just what the job description says.

3. Inaccurate Dates or None at All
Many students forget to add dates for when they started a particular job until it ended as well as even dating the CV they send in.

4. Inaccurate or Missing Contact Information
Make sure every CV you send has your correct contact information, including name, phone number, email address and street address and make sure the number you give is to a phone that you can actually be contacted by, if they cant reach you they'll move on.

5. Poor Formatting
Keep your CV simple don't start adding a tattoo graphic down the margin, plain text nice easy to read font such as Verdana or Times new roman.

6. Functional CVs
Whenever possible, recruiters advise you go with a chronological CV and focus on the skills and accomplishments that actually relate to the job you're seeking.

7. Long CVs and 8. Long Paragraphs
Keep it short sweet and to the point recruiters don't want to sit there for an hour reading, in-fact they wont.

9. Unqualified Candidates
Make sure you actually fit the profile before applying, if they want a store manager with at least 4 years of retail experience and your fresh out of college looking for a job don't waste your time.

10. Personal Information Unrelated to the Job
Your height, your dogs name, the last time you ate cake. These things and other irrelevant content should not be in your CV again, sweet and to the point.

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