MAKE THE BEST FIRST IMPRESSION You must have heard the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ and even though we’ve all been told not to, we still do.  

Your interviewer will (on most occasions) see you before they see you, therefore, knowing what to ware is key. Use the job description to your advantage, if you’re applying to a specialist job or high end for example, if your applying to a managerial job, you should turn up in a suit, if it’s a sales assistant and you know they ware casual cloths with a company t-shirt then go in with smart jeans and a nice top, so as not to over do it.  

Remember you are on view as soon as your inside the building, be nice to the receptionist and enter with a positive attitude, doing this will give you a chance to relax with some small talk and if you get the job then all the better to be acquainted with staff early on.  

Make sure you use a firm handshake and maintain eye contact, playing with your tie, your pocket and looking around nervously is not a good impression.  

When in the interview room  

Again firm hand shake with eye contact, sit with your shoulders back and straight, a ‘gangster lean’ won’t help you get a job.  

Interviewers are meant to be scary and daunting, its their job sort out the weak from the strong. Preparation is key build a list of questions you think they are most likely to ask and work on the best answers you can, even if they don’t ask all those questions it will give you a much more positive aura.  

Think positive, see positive, hear positive  

Even if you fell down the stairs in the morning and had to go to the emergency ward just before getting to the interview be positive, it’s key to success. If you’re asked about you’re previous employer hold back all grudges, show your making a positive career move and not just desperately trying to run away from your previous/current employer.

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