A GUIDE TO INTERVIEWS Here are some helpful tips on how to do well in your upcoming job interviews.

With appearance there are many problems that students face when trying to decide on what to ware and not to ware so here's some guidance on appearance before we enter the interview room.  

 Your appearance says a lot about you and you will be judged as soon as you walk in the room.  

 A key problem with students is to look too casual, rough jeans and 3 day un washed top wont get you no where, A SMART TOP AND PAIR OF JEANS Is THE MINIMUM STANDARD.  

Do not ware any head ware, it gives the impression your hiding something (religious head ware to the exception).  

Show as little flesh as possible, you want the job based on your mind not your body.  

For you men that think funny ties that sing a great tune decided by a party of 1 (you) take it off and ware a real tie, looking serious and dedicated is a must the work place joker doesn't get the job.  

Don't over accessorise 22 necklaces and 32 gold rings may look good in the mirror but not to an employer.  

Keep make-up to a minimum and natural looking, going over the top will make you look like your going to a smart night out on the town.  

Too much perfume or too little deodorant can be a turn off for recruitments you want a hint of the deodorant without the death of near by plants and no wet arm pits.  

Piercing and tattoos both turn an employer, if you cannot remove them cover it up.  

In the Interview room  

Walk and sit up straight if you slouch you give the impression your not really bothered about the job nor are you interested and what the interviewer has to say.

When standing, balance weight between both feet don't stand on one leg with your other crossed behind scratching the back of your leg. A firm but not crushing hand shake is the way to if anything don't use a flimsy handshake it does not show well. When you finish answering the questions ask a few of your own to show you are interested. leave with a firm handshake and a smile.  

Please please please maintain eye contact it is essential, eyes on the floor will lead you to the door!

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