SCHOLARSHIPS A good source of student financial help comes in the form of scholarships. Although they may not seem one of the most accessible forms of student financial help, they are actually surprisingly common. Most universities offer some sort of scholarships and these can be greatly beneficial for giving you that extra little bit of money. So, just as you were beginning to worry about where some of your student financial help was going to come from, have a look at this. It could help solve a lot of your worries about the costs of university and provide you with some very valuable information.

There are various scholarships and bursaries available to current and new students, both international and localised. Check your university web pages carefully as soon as you have decided where you would like to study, or if you’re stuck between 3 universities . . . which has the higher scholarships and bursaries. Some of these have very early application dates.  

Scholarships and bursaries are not easy to get. You will be asked to fill in applications, detailing your family's financial status. You will also have to write a personal statement and go to an interview, however, interviews are not always made and usually the P1 notes set you get during March cover these things. Often there will only be one scholarship available, and many applicants or specialist scholarships for such things as engineering or medical. For these reasons, scholarships are seen as prestigious, however, the majority are based on UCAS points so you can usually figure out if you will be legible for them or not based on what you think you’ll get at the end of the year.

While studying under a scholarship, you are expected to get steadily good grades and complete works set (if any) and attend a high majority of lessons. This does not mean that you can never have a re-sit a failed exam though. During work placement years, or while re-sitting a year, your scholarship will usually be suspended until you are back on track with the recommended degree course, but do look for more information from the university either by email, phone or from their financial base.

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