BURSARIES Student financial help in the form of bursaries is something that is often not given much consideration. Whether it is a lack of information of just simply not knowing where to start, this is one major form of student financial help that you could be missing out on. So from now on there is no need to be ignorant about this form of student financial help as we have all the information you need to know right here.

Bursaries are a great source of extra finance that many students forget to factor into their budgets as they never tend to seek them out. Below is a quick breakdown of bursaries for you.

If you are in full receipt of the Student Loan for Maintenance and the Grant for Maintenance (or regional equivalent), you will also be entitled to a minimum of 310 from your university, which is a non repayable bursary. Many universities offer much more than 310 but make sure you check out the university first. Typically, bursaries of around 1,000 were available to students within this category during the 2007/2008 academic year, but remember to check up on this as it will not only change with university to university but also year to year.

Even if you are not in full receipt of the government loans and grants, your university may still give you a partial bursary up to and above 500. As the actual figure varies from university to university, you will need to look at your chosen university's website and/or contact them to find out whether how large a bursary you may be entitled to, if any at all, however, most universities have a small bursary of at least 100 which is always good.

You don’t need to sign any forms or go through any real procedures to get your bursary. When you choose your firm and just in case universities they will pass on the information and any bursaries you’re entitled to will be sent to you via mail.   

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