PLANNING FOR UNIVERSITY FEES When planning for university fees there are a multitude of areas. This article specialises in planning for university fees in the area of student living costs whilst living at university. An in-depth guide to the costs you might experience and how to factor them in, in order to be in the best of minds when planning for university fees to use in conjunction with a student budget.

When planning for university fees and especially when your targeting the university fees associated with student living you have to consider a range of areas:

Accommodation itself
T.V Licence
The internet
Rental/Damage deposits

Like I said planning for university fees is not the simplest of things and I would place a good bet down that a majority of students who decided to start planning out their university fees never put the before mentioned even into their equations.

A) Planning for university fees: Accommodation
Accommodation will be your biggest, or at least, should be your biggest cost. The amount a student has to pay year on year is dependant on a wide range of things such as; the level of ‘luxury’ the flat is, how many people are living inside, how far away form the university it is and who owns the place you’re living in. When planning for university fees in this field you should get out all the universities you want to live at and list out the top 5 halls you want to live in and their costs and work on from there. If you want a better viewpoint maybe find a good top 3 of 5 universities and then add them and divide them to create and average to work by when planning for university fees.

B) Planning for university fees: Food
Food will probably be the second biggest cost and it will only increase depending on: Not only the amount you eat but also the type of food you eat. If you know you love the junk food from McDonalds find out how many time you eat there a month and jot it down. On a more personal note I would suggest checking out the section about student cooking on here, tasty and easy to cook meals that will defiantly save you money.

C) Planning for university fees: The others
The rest of the before mentioned don’t really make up a major part of the planning form university fees so I’ll hand out the average costs you’re likely to expect. Per week:

Socialising 40
The internet 5
Rental/Damage deposits 400
Laundry 4

Hope you found this article on planning for university fees helpful, check out the other articles on the site. In order to find out more about the actual university costs from the university as well as the university costs associated with living away from home but not in a hall see the other articles in this section or just use the search box to get a quick link.

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