DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS Directory submissions are probably highly tedious at best but can bring around a high amount of money around your studying time and will defiantly help you make money part time from home with high flexibility. Firstly, get your self a big list of free easy to submit directories and that are still in action. Look for a good few high PR ranking directories i.e.  100 pr 1-5 directories then get your self a little program that is free like RoboForm (type it in google), this fills in subject field automatically and you then submit the information.

Do a 100 for approximately $8, the more you do the faster you will make money around your studying.

If your wondering where you should go to get directory submission jobs, please take a look at the content creation article for more information on where to go, it’s the same link given (http://forums.digitalpoint.com/) except you now go into the services section instead of content creation.

If your starting off a new account you’ll have 0 itrader and 0 posts both bad for business when you want to make money around your studying, however, a good way to get that important itrader up is to be on the look out for people who want directory submission services and then offer it at a reduced price compared to others, when you have enough posts to create your own thread in the forum (found in the content creation article) you will most likely have to give away one review copy, maybe 2, these are where you go and do the service for free or at half price so that they can recommend you so yo can get more business from others.

Note: Make sure you send them a lost of all the sites you submitted their sites to so that they can check to make sure you have. Making money around your studying times will, on the most part, be a difficult thing to do so directory submissions are useful as you can make it work around your student revision and work time whilst still making money around your studying time.

Once you have enough posts please feel free to add a link to this site from your sig link. Help us help more people like you.

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