PRESS RELEASE Writing a press release will, by far, be the best way for you to make money on the internet making you quick and easy money around your studying at university or is you want to make money part time from home. To double the money around your studying you can also add press release submission service.

This is a clever one and you can charge a good sum of money to do this, if you are going to submit the PR also then charge around $60 for one, now this my sound high but if you submit to http://www.prweb.com and pay the $30 submission fee, this will get your submission into Google and Yahoo news, which is one of the main things customers will want since it will increase PR and traffic to their site, which, in turn, makes your services look better.

If you’re new to press releasing you’ll want to start searching on Google for “free press release submission” or something around that line. The idea behind this is that you’ll need to A: favourite these sites for your submission services and B: You can look at other press releases to get the feel of how to write one. Learning how to make a coherent press release will defiantly increase what money around your studying you earn. The site, once again, is still http://forums.digitalpoint.com/ (if you haven’t read the other articles in the ‘earn easy money’ section I suggest you do). You sign up, then go to the content page (buy sell and trade) and start answering other peoples posts requesting writers.

If you’re not sure if your work is up to par then you can always write a press release of this site and submit it to pressrate@studentsatuni.co.uk and we will then email you back with some feed back of how to improve it, if any improvements need to be made.  

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