FORUM POSTING Forum posting is another great way to make money around your studying at university. Remember just because you can make money around your studying it doesn’t mean it should take precedence over it when you start brining in the cash.
Forum posting is exactly what it says, you post on forums and get paid for here. Now here’s how it works in more detail:

You find a forum such as http://forums.digitalpoint.com/ where you can find people who need forum posters.

Go to the buy, sell or trade section and then content creation and you should see their requests.

They usually post how much their paying per post and thread, if not offering your service for $0.15 a post and making sure you add fresh content and a nice amount of a word count in each post should help keep you within the service for along time, again make sure its on your best subjects. If it’s not in your best subject then make sure you know you can at least write as if you know the subject your discussing.

If your new to digital point then you will have to make a new account, in which case you’ll start with no I trader and 0 posts and until you’ve been a member for about 2 weeks and posted 20 odd times in other peoples threads you wont be able to make your own threads nor will you be very creditable, therefore, offer your services below what others are paying in order to build up a reputation to start earning in more higher paid jobs. The amount of money you can make from forum posting depends on how many posts and threads they want done, threads usually pay more because it creates extra pages which therefore Google sees as more information ranking the forum higher (the goal of all forums when they start out). When writing make sure its good high quality content and not just a load of smiley faces, usually the person posting for a service will also indicate the amount of words the want per post and thread.

If this forum talking is making you wish we had one then please sign up to our newsletter in order to get a link with our weekly newsletters to vote, once we reach a fair number of people willing to join the forum we will then start scripting a forum for you based on the input we get from the newsletter only discussion group (we don’t want to create a forum that no-one will use).

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