CONTENT WRITING Becoming a content writer is a good way to make money around your studying. It’s not really a difficult thing to become all it takes is the ability to spell and use correct grammar, actually grammar isn’t really an issue. Buyers will normally want the content simply to buffer up their site to look like it’s full of information.

There are a few things you need to consider if you want to make money around your studying or if you want to make money part time from home:

Where will you go to find work
How will you be paid

These questions are essential when asking yourself how you can truly make money around your studying or how to make money part time from home.

Where will you go to find work?

Well to start off with, don’t just surf the internet to find out if a site will ’employ’ you, that’s not how it works and your plans to make money around your studying will just be destroyed if you try it.

The best place to start is forums. There are probably a great deal of sites where webmasters (people who own websites) look for content writers, however, I don’t see the point in finding them when I already know the perfect place to get work: http://forums.digitalpoint.com, join up to the site, at first you can’t make any threads, but you can reply to others. First sign up and create you account then scroll down the front page and learn how the sites laid out, you then want to go to the content creation section as well as visit the freebies section.

In the content section you’re looking for any and all jobs that want a content writer. Second you’re looking for threads that have your niche (your writing field). In terms of price, because your new you’ll want to start at $0.01 a word, I know it sounds low but with the work you can make easy money around your studying schedule. In order to make money around your studying by using this technique you will also need to set up a pay pal account as just about everyone on there uses pay pal so without it you won’t be able to receive money.

Okay, earlier I said start at $0.01 per word; there are a few reasons for this: You start off with 0 itrader and 0 posts which is what webmasters look at first. If you have no itrader and 1 post and then ask from $0.02 per word, it’s just not happening. Any time you quote a price make sure its in $, the site is a .com but even the English webmasters work in dollars, it seems to be the content writers currency.

Finally your probably wondering how much money around your studying can you get? Well I use to, and still do at the point of writing this article now write for 5 business blog sites (welcome to my niche) I went by the $0.01 per word and stayed there because of the amount of work I was sent I earned $200 a month once I got the jobs and because these were permanent I have had this job for a long time, to make this much it took me around 10 mins per article and I usually sent 6 or 7 business blog articles in a day.

Note: You can also sell your sig link once you have a high number of posts, feel free to add a link to this page under the anchor text making money around your studying

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