ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS Article submissions are another way to make money part time from home or to make money around your studying, if you’re a student. You won’t be able to make money instantly with this but you can earn a good income to the point of actually making it your job.

Articles submissions are a great way to make money around your studying and are also very similar to directory submitting. The key differences between articles submissions making you money around your studying and directory submissions making you money around your study, is simply, the deepness you go into the process.

In terms of simply submitting a article the client gives you you’ll want to charge around $10 for 20 submissions which usually takes around 30 minutes once you’ve register to the sites. This method can be the best way to earn money around your studying schedule or to make money part time from home.

If you’ve decided  that this isn’t enough and want to develop into a more niche and higher paid area of article submissions, well, good because why settle for making less money around your studying times when you can be making more?

To increase your earnings further when making money around your studying or when attempting to make money part time from home you need to know a few things:

Your niche
Your article size
Your price

If you have no idea what the words correct spelling and grammar mean, then, walk away now because this won’t work otherwise. Now what you need to do is combined the 1st article in the earn easy money (content writing) with article submissions. If you’re able to write about any topic then you may have just shot up your chances of earning a high amount around your studying at uni. Use http://forums.digitalpoint.com/ to advertise your service, charge $0.01 per word of the article and then $15 for the submissions, key here is now the extra $5 you can change because you’re writing the content. In order to get a more favourable look on your service do some half price or review copies in order to increase your itrader.

If your wondering where to submit the articles just type in google “free article submission”, make sure you have the Google toolbar with the PR bar because you can sue the high PR submission services to increase the price you charge.

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