ABOUT US If your looking for some sort of business objectified statement of our mission plan you might as well turn back now, this is a real story.

Well if you really want to know

On the left of the picture is Joanne Turvey, on the right is Tyrone Campbell (me)

Normally I wouldn't put my picture up on a website for all to see but meh thought you might as well see the creators (that's a lie I got badgered into it by friends and family).

The site was created for students and has some of the best student articles on the net, why? Because were both students, well we will be until 2011 (picture taken in 2008).
The articles are not only wrote from direct experiences, there also sections of the site that we researched to fit our audience, you.

In terms of why we created this site the only plausible answer was because I was bored, at least it started that way. I had dabbled in making websites since I was 13 when the schools would block game websites so I'd create a new site with the games on so I could still play it undetected. After about 6 years of playing games, revising and skateboarding (sorry skateboard haters) I started to look on the web for sites that had information on things like: University, how to budget, easy recipes (since I cant cook to save my lives) and what I found shocked me, nothing at all, so I decided, "build it and they will come".

Unfortunately 'the best laid plans of mice and men often go a ride' and I struggled furiously on learning how to make websites, script them as well as formatting and how to search engine optimize my site. Not long into making the site I realised I wouldn't be able to pull all the information students really need by my self so I asked my girlfriend (or business partner if you prefer) to help me out.

Joanne is, without a doubt, the best writer I know not only is she self motivated and works on deadlines she was also extremely supportive, even on the days I decided that working on the site for 2 days without sleep was a good idea. So it then became, I do the scripting and page design you write the content, once I sorted out the scripting then we both wrote the content and studentstyle.net was born.

Studentstyle was a basic template with limited potential for growth and change, however, visitors did find the site useful but I always felt it was under designed. After some hard work and a solid 3 weeks, with a few days without sleep the new site was finished. Studentsatuni.co.uk was born and I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to sign up to the newsletter.

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