STEP 9: WAIT AND FINALISE Your application has now gone on its way and is passing through in-trays all over the country on the desks of admissions tutors. It is an agonising time that you spend waiting for those all important letters to drop through your post box to let you know whether you are accepted for a course or not but try not to let it stress you out as the process takes time. Imagine the number of different applications that have to be sifted through and that yours may be near the bottom of the pile even if you were fairly efficient with sending it off. A good thing to keep in your mind is that ‘no news is good news’, if you haven’t heard back then you still have a chance that you will be accepted which is brilliant.  
You should have received a letter from UCAS confirming your choices; this letter will also give you your personal application number. If there is anything wrong with what is said then make sure you contact UCAS or tell your college immediately so they can try and rectify it. Universities have a long time to make their decisions so try and be patient even if it is the last thing that you feel like being. If you haven’t heard anything back then you can always check the status of all your choices by going on to the ‘track’ section of the website.  To use this you will need your application number, your username and your password. Type these details in and you will be on a new, secure part of the website. Go onto the welcome page and then click ‘choices’ on the top bar. There should be a list of the courses you applied for and you can see whether any have yet received offers. It can take up to 2 days for offer details to reach your college so it is wise to check regularly on track as you can find out earlier whether or not you are accepted and what the terms of the offer are. If there is still no offer or rejection then I’m afraid you just have to wait a little longer.   
On the ‘track’ section you can also make changes to your choices such as rejecting them. If you did not make 5 choices to begin with then it is also possible to add a choice.   
When you finally have all of your offers back then you will be sent another letter from UCAS. This will tell you the unique date that you have to respond to your offers by. Make sure you respond in time or else you will not have any places to go to. To pick your firm and insurance offers then go to the ‘choices’ section of track and look for the link at the bottom that says ‘reply to offers’. You should put the university that you really want to go to as your firm choice but remember that if you meet the criteria of the offer then you have to go there. If your offer was unconditional then this is the university that you will be attending. Your firm choice should ideally want higher grades than the one you put in as your insurance one. If this is not the case you will not get in to either university as if you do not meet the lower grades of your firm choice you will not have made the higher ones of your insurance choice either. Any courses that you do not pick at this stage will now be able to give your place to other people and so you cannot go there. Once this stage is done then you just have to wait for your exam results to come in in the summer.

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