STEP 4: FILLING IN THE BLANKS The ‘Personal Details’ and ‘Additional Information’ sections should be pretty straightforward to fill in whenever you have the time, but for some parts of the application process you will need extra information such as exam results that you have obtained for your GCSEs and AS Levels. Make sure that you have a full list of all of the subjects you studied including whether it was ‘option A’ or suchlike (this applies to certain qualifications but not others so don’t worry if you don’t seem to have this information). For AS Levels you will also need to know exactly what modules you studied as you will need to put down a grade for each as well as what you have achieved overall. If you don’t know the names of the modules then there are a number of ways that you can find out. Most exam boards will have a website that you can find out course details such as this from, simply type in the name of the exam board your subject was with (you can see this on your results slip if you can’t remember), some common ones are AQA (www.aqa.org.uk), Edexcel (www.edexcel.org.uk) or OCR (www.ocr.org.uk) . If you cannot find the information this way then you can ask your subject teacher and they should be able to let you know what to write in. Once you have all the names then you can match these up with your results slip and type them in to the correct section on UCAS. You will also need a list of the modules you are studying at A2 so find these out in advance too.  
Unfortunately you are not allowed to fill in your exact marks you achieved, even if you are close to the next grade, but universities will realise that you may be close to the boundary. It may be best to take a re-sit to try and get that next grade if you think you can achieve it. If you decide to or already have decided to do this then you can fill this fact in. If this is the case then write this into the box next to where you put your grade so the universities can take this into account. If there is no additional information you would like to add then simply leave this section blank. It is important that you fill in the dates you took your examinations correctly as this can affect whether you are allowed to fill in the other exams you have taken. For example, it may confuse you if you are not allowed to fill in the year you took your AS levels correctly because you wrote the wrong one down for GCSE. Don’t worry if this appears to have happened to you, you can just go back and change it. Check everything carefully to make sure you got the correct grades for the subjects as this could have some affect for your application and universities can check what you got if they want to so make sure you tell the truth.   
At this stage there is not much else you can fill in. Do not rush your personal statement or university choices; fill these in when you have prepared for them full.

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