STEP 10: EXTRA Unfortunately it may be the case that you did not get offers for any of your choices, or you may have even turned down all of the offers you were made, but it does not necessarily mean you can’t go to university. Thanks to the ‘Extra’ scheme offered by UCAS you still have an opportunity to get into a university, even if it is not the one you originally hoped. If this circumstance applies to you then you will automatically be sent an “Extra Passport”. This can be used to apply to 2 more universities and, hopefully, get into them. Unfortunately not all courses may be available through this scheme as some are fully booked from making offers the first time around. You can use the ‘course search’ section of the site again to look for courses that have places left (it will tell you at the bottom) and then add them as you did before.  

‘Extra’ will be in operation from mid-March until the end of June so make sure that you start using it in plenty of time.  

If you are not entirely sure whether a course you would like to be considered for has a vacancy then make sure you contact the institution it is run at, as it is worth a try. If so then you can still go somewhere you wanted but if not then you may have to opt for somewhere else. This is an excellent scheme as it will mean that all is not lost if you did not get the reaction you were hoping for from universities and you still have the choice to go if it is what you want to.  

The next thing to do is simply wait upon your results in the summer so you know whether or not you meet the offers you have hopefully now been given.  

If you do not get into anywhere you apply to this time then there is another back up plan you can try. ‘Clearing’ occurs when exam results come out in the summer and matches people who have not got into their university choices with institutions that will take them with the results they obtained. If you qualify for this then yet again you will automatically be sent a form.  

All of this means that you still have a chance so don’t give up as you are very likely to get a place somewhere. If you are not happy with the options that are available to you then why not consider taking a gap year to re-take some exams, earn some money or do anything else you desire, you can then apply for university again the following year.  

Good luck with everything and we hope you managed to get into a course you wanted to in the end.

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