STEP 7: COURSE CHOICE Obviously this is a pretty vital part of your application as it will decide where you might end up going to university. It is a good idea to have attended open days for all the places you have even considered putting down as one of your choices, as otherwise you may end up not liking it at all. If you haven’t done this already and won’t have a chance to before you pick where you want to go then you will probably be invited to either an interview or an undergraduate open day later in the year around February time. Take this opportunity as it will help you later on when you have to whittle down your original 5 choices to just 2.  

It is a good idea to find out the types of grades the universities are likely to want before you make all 5 choices, as you should ideally have a variety of different ones to allow for if you get grades that you were not expecting. You should also have variety in terms of the universities that you pick. Don’t, for example, pick more than 2 courses at one university if you want to be safe. If you are rejected from one course then you will be rejected from the other too and so you have wasted several of the valuable 5 you are allowed to pick to begin with. Of course, if you are sure that a couple of courses at the same university are ones that you are definitely interested in then you can go ahead and pick them both but you will have to decide between them in the end anyway.  

To add a course to your choices then simply find it though the ‘course search’ part of the site and press the button that allows you to add it to your selection. Make sure that the name of the course and the code are shown correctly as you may have selected the wrong one by mistake- if you have then you are applying for a course you do not want to do. You should also double check that the course you choose gives you the right sort of qualification and matches all the criteria that you expected as some can be very similar to each other.  

As long as you haven’t sent your application yet then you can still go back and change your course choices. You want to make sure that you are absolutely certain that you would be happy to go to everywhere that you have picked before you tick this section of the form as complete. Consider things such as whether you like the town it is located in and whether you think you will be ok living away from home if this is what would be necessary with the institutions you put down. What you should not use as a factor to influence you though is whether your friends are going there. University is a time of change and you are likely to make many new friends anyway- you can always keep in contact with people you already know so make the choice based on what you want to do.

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