STEP 3: COURSE SEARCH The ‘Course Search’ section of the site is one that can be accessed before you sign up if you wish but you will say how it all fits in with your application process better if you wait until afterwards.  

Basically this is the area of the site which you use to make your university choices in that part of your application. It is also useful beforehand though to find out which universities offer the subject which you want to do. There are 4 different boxes you can fill in to make your course search more specific but you do not need to put something in all of these in order to do a search. The first box is ‘subject’ so if you know specifically what you want to study, then fill this box in with the same subject for all of your searches. If you are unsure then you can make several searches with different subjects or see whether any institutions offer a combined degree so you can carry on with a couple of areas of study. The second box is also important as you are selecting the type of qualification you want to gain by the end of your time at university. Many people just opt for a regular ‘degree’ but there are a variety of options so you are covered for whatever you may want to do. This should be filled in with the box next to it which allows you to say whether you want to attend university full-time or on a sandwich course. The fourth box, ‘institution’, is not necessary unless you know specifically which university you think you want to attend. If you are unsure it is best to leave this box blank. It is useful to fill in the region you want to study in (the next box) though if you have a preference as this will cut out all universities that do not fall into the catchment area you select. This is useful if you want to stay local to home or have areas of the country that you particularly like. You can select several regions by holding down your control key so you have a wider variety of results displayed.  

Once you have filled in the boxes you want then press ‘search’ and you will get a list of the universities which apply to all of your wants in the categories. Under each university is a list of courses that are available in your chosen subject and so you can look at the varying options available to you. Click on the university you are interested in and you can find out details about the course and also on how to contact them. To find out more details about a course then go onto their website and order a prospectus, ensuring that it is one that is for the year in which you want to start university. You can also arrange open days in this way.  

Unless you are already sure of a course then don’t add it to your choices yet. Your choices can be changed up until the moment you send your application off but it can confuse you to select things too early and it is easier to wait until you are sure.  

Book some open days if you are interested in any particular places so you can go and have a look around these. If you take in a letter to prove where you are going then these days should be marked as an authorised absence by your college and so you will still get ema payments if you are part of this scheme.

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