STEP 6: UCAS CHECK There are several people who can help you with the process of filling in your UCAS application but there will be someone at your college, probably your student support leader, who will be responsible for sending yours off. It is useful if you find out who this person is early on so that you can book an appointment with them. It is likely that there will be a rush of people trying to cram in last minute appointments, so try and get yours booked, even if you book it for a few weeks later, well in advance. You will probably need at least two appointments during the process.  

In the first appointment you will want to discuss the university choices that you are thinking of making, how your personal statement is going (print a copy and take it with you if possible) and any problems you may be having. If there is anything else you want to talk about then this is the opportunity as your student support leader will probably have been guiding students through UCAS for years and so will have a lot of knowledge about the subject.  

In the second you want to check the final version of your personal statement and talk about anything else you need to know- you will probably send your application soon after this appointment. Basically you are just letting them know that you are in the final stages of your application and so they need to start doing their part. If you are unsure exactly what the role of the person who sends your application is then it is this: they make sure that everything is going fine with your part, they contact all your teachers and get them to write a reference, they log in to a separate part of UCAS that all teachers/ supervisors responsible for sending the form have and check everything is ok and then they write in what the teachers have said about you and send it once both your and their parts are ready. The reference side of the process can take a couple of weeks as teachers will have a lot of different people to write them for and so you will need to be patient.  

Try and take any advice that you are given on board as your advisor will only want the best for you and knows how universities like things done.  

If you are having other difficulties with your application or just want to discuss it, then your personal tutor is a good person to go to. They will want to be involved in what you are doing as they will want to see you make the most of yourself and be sure that you know exactly what you are doing and that what you write reflects you. They will probably have been guiding you for at least a year at this point so it is nice to keep them informed about your progress with UCAS and your plans for the future.  

Although they may not have a lot of experience with it, especially if you have not had older brothers of sisters who have used UCAS before, your parents are also good people to consult about what you want to do and how your UCAS form is going. Although it may not feel like it, they will no doubt want to feel involved in what their child is doing and so you should talk to them. It can be a very stressful time and so it is nice to have someone to offload this on to and maybe even someone who is as confused as you about the whole thing so you can see you are not alone.

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