THE FIRST WEEK OF UNIVERSITY Some of you have already had your first week of university, others won’t even move into the dorms until late in September. Either way, there are some things you need to know about the first few weeks of university:

The perfect time to meet new people
Its not only the first day/week/month for you, everyone around you is most likely here for the first time. Take this as an opportunity to mix and mingle and start making some friends. Try ad make friends quickly in your chosen subject since you can then ‘use’ them as an information hub when you miss lessons, don’t understand something, need help or just as friends. Another good point about your university subject friends is that you can talk about the subject and what you’ve learned which will help you learn the information quicker then the normal piece of paper revision.  

Find Out Where Your Classes Are
Move-in day is usually before the start of classes, and some university campuses can seem huge. Get ready for classes the day before: walk around campus and find where the rooms are so you don’t feel pressured or get lost right before class starts, turning up for your first lecture is not the right impression.  

Call Home to Check In
Mom and Dad miss you. Humour them and just let them know you’re okay. Trust me, it will make your Mom’s week if you call her, they pretend they don’t mind you going but we both know that they miss us intently (even the mass of cloths we leave on the floor).  

Stick Around on Weekends
That said, it’s a good idea to wait a while to go home for a visit. Obviously weekends are a lot more social than your actual uni days, so if you’re back at home you miss a opportunities to meet people. Also, going home too soon can make you feel more homesick during the week give yourself the chance to settle in and really start enjoying your great new university life style.   

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