TECHNIQUES TO STAY AWAKE Sleeping is, on most occasions, the worst thing you can do. So this article will give you some top range tips on how to stay awake. Learn these techniques and use them and soon you'll be a master of your sleep.

1. Powernap
Probably the way forward for student life and maybe all life, if you’re tired, you can benefit from a short spell of about 15 minutes in bed. Just time yourself for 15 minutes and relax. It doesn’t matter if you fall into a deep sleep or not, the short rest really helps to remove tiredness and lets you get on with whatever, for example, that homework your putting off. Just remember to get up again…It should be easy enough to do, it does take some adjusting to and be warned you may get addicted to power napping and you will become a sleeping efficient machine who’s days seem 2 times as long and 3 times more fresh.  

2. The power of a light
The light is a natural sign for your body to wake up, therefore, as soon as you manage to pull, roll or fall out of bed get any light on. I feel compelled to remind you not to open your eyes widely after because it does sting.  

3. Establish a ‘getting up’ routine
If the mornings are difficult times for you, don’t leave it to chance. Learn to do things without thinking about it its time you set yourself a routine. What you need to do is set up your room in a systematic remembering way, keys on the side, bag under the desk purse on the table, do this continually and it will become instinctive to pick up these items. You can have your clothes ready for the next day so you don’t have to consider what to wear when you’re still half asleep (I’m sure many a fashion disaster would be stopped this way, yes you people wearing the bright orange and with red shoes and a green hat). In short, do anything you need in order to establish a habit of getting up. It gives you an extension on the time you have so you can even shave off minutes off making the difference between late and on time for your lecture.  

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