STUDENT RECYCLING TIPS Living in your own student house, flat, apartment whichever and whatever way you want to look at it your biggest costs are likely to be energy costs, fact. There is a multitude of ways to reduce those energy costs, saving you money for when those evil quarterly bills come though:  

Only boil what you need:  

Yes, you’ve been told this time and time again and each time you’ve heard it you’ve banished it to the back of your mind, you will be astonished how much energy doing this will actually save and the kettle will boil faster so you don’t have to wait as long. Two times the bonus Turn off lights when you’re not using them    

Use energy saving light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are defiantly an expensive purchase, depending on the shape and wattage but once again you’ll find your energy costs dropping once you’re using them and the vast majority you purchase will last many years longer then ordinary ones you buy.    

Recycle when you can  

Recycling doesn’t save you money but it does save the world so pack your paper, glass bottles and such and go recycle.  

Cook food in bulk and freeze it for use later on in the week. The title speaks for itself on this subject really, this way you’ll also save yourself time in the future when you need a quick meal or don’t feel like cooking.    

Turn your TV off  

Leaving your Television on standby is a waste of energy and uses nearly as much as if it was on, turn it off when your not watching it, heck don’t watch TV and hit those revision books, its never to early.    

The laptop doesn’t need to be on constant charge  

When you’re sitting there with your laptop with it plugged into the electric, stop, take out the plug and turn it off from the socket, you’re wasting energy, wait till off peak times to charge your laptop, for example, night time, this cuts the cost of charging your laptop.  

Just like unhealthy eating, the energy you use will catch up to you in the form of a nasty figure in an envelope and, if you’re not careful, you’ll soon be finding that the energy you use is costing you 2 times more then it should. These small things may not look like big things when you look at them individually but when you sum them altogether. .. . Well, you’ll see.

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