NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FOR STUDENTS New years resolutions for students  

Need some new years resolutions for students, well this article has the best, the worst and the funniest new years resolutions for students. Take a step back from your student life at university and that upbeat student social life you have and take a deep breath as you explore your new year’s possibilities.    

Lets begin with a new years resolution for students that’s close to our hearts.

I will spend less time drinking and revise more often.  

Instantly I’m going to have to reject this idea because student life is all about socialising and the best way to socialise is . . . by drinking! A better new years resolution for students might be just to revise more because we all know there’s times where you would actually prefer to watch paint dry then start revising.  

Now a more serious new years resolution for students.

I will make a student budget plan.

Living at university is by no means cheap and many students go into their first year without doing any type of budgeting and end up spending all their money in less then 6 months. The best new years resolution for students would defiantly be to make that student budget you’ve been putting off all those weeks, months, years.  

I will make a student revision time table.

Again as a student myself I was tempted to walk into university the first year and “wing it” as my teacher use to say. ‘Who cares about revising in the year I’ll remember it’ right? Wrong you won’t and by god will it get you (known as Karma if you’re a believer). Ask any second year/3rd year student at university and I bet they would recommend that you make and stick to a revision time table. This is probably the best new years resolution for students who want to get the high grades rather than just pass.  

I’ll learn to cook for myself.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t point directly at all students, however, statistics shows that the vast majority of you (technically us) don’t know how to cook! I know 20% of students are reading this now and are yelling ‘I can cook!’ but the other 80% are thinking ‘cooking hard’. Cooking is all in the mind, when you think you will fail at something you will. See the cooking section for some simple recipes to get you started.    

Now onto some of the worst and maybe funniest new years resolutions for students, or rather that I’ve heard students say.  

I’m going to quit eating chocolate.

I’m sure saying this must be a sin and yet people say it constantly at university. Okay maybe chocolate makes you fat, my advice? More clubbing you’ll soon burn the chocolate off! Sorry to say but out of the thousands of uni students I’ve heard say this none have succeeded and all conveniently forget that they ever did say it. Its not the best new years resolutions for students.  

I’ll do extra work with my lecture notes.

Hearing this sends shivers down my spine not because its more work, but because they’re literally saying that they think just lecture notes will get them through uni. Lecture notes are quoted to be ‘the transfer mechanism from a lecturer’s mind to note form’ the information gets on the page but can you remember anything that you just wrote down? Get the work in now, forget new years.  

The best new years resolutions for students are simply; Revise more, Cut down on your spending, Eat more healthily Do work on top of the subject your learning, learn around the subject base don’t just accept it.

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