HOW TO DO YOUR LAUNDRY You knew it was coming, yes time to do your own washing.  

A lot of kids don’t get their first taste of doing laundry until a few weeks into college, or sooner depending on the level of cloths you take. Go into it unprepared, and you can risk ending up with a load of white clothes that come out pink. Yeah, that can happen. Below are the basics of what you need to know and how.  

Note this is a simple version; I’m not one for perfection. So, if you want to spend a lot of time on your laundry, you should probably go back to Google. You can also consult your clothes’ tags for detailed instructions, which I do suggest and as a rule you should remember that some fabrics need to be dry-cleaned or hand-washed. Also, don’t overload your washer or dryer, as your clothes won’t get as clean or dry as fast, when you have to use strength to get it in your probably overfilling it.  

Gather What You Need

Quarters or laundry room cash card, detergent, softener (if you’re a fan), and of course, your laundry.  

Separate Your Laundry by Colour to keep colours from bleeding into each other, I recommend having three separate loads:  

Whites & Light Colours: white or very, very light coloured clothing. Colours: any rich or bright colours. Reds: red or dark pink ONLY!  

Alternatively you can do five loads that consist of whites, light colours, bright colours, dark colours, and reds but then were just quibbling over semantics anyway the above system should work okay if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Just make sure you keep your reds separate

Start the Washer & Add Detergent Pay to start the washer, and select the cycle and temperature settings: Use the tabs for this but usually a 40 is best for temperature and fast wash for most.  

Add Clothing to Wash Add your clothing and shut the door. Check the timer to be sure you get back quickly (so no one steals your laundry). Take a break until your laundry is done washing, if I’ve now made you scared of getting it stolen, it’s a good time to revise. Dry Clothes

Put clothes in the dryer. Dry delicates on low, and other fabrics on medium. Hang dry anything very delicate (like bras and certain sweaters).

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