BOOZING CAN KILL Remember the days when someone who drank a beer day-after-day didn't raise eyebrows? Or when somebody who consumed a drink or 2 at lunch during a weekday was not presumed to have a boozing addiction? 

Drinking, particularly amidst University pupils, have varied significantly since then. On average, pupils are boozing to a lesser extent - as a matter of fact, 15% of all students do not drink the least bit. Even so, more or less of us nowadays carry through our boozing till the weekend and head out on a “binge”. Boozing excessively often during such social occasion as the end of term is turning into a more common occurrence, and this, intern, can to death - acute alcohol poisoning.  

Acute alcohol poisoning occurs more often than most of us actually realize, and it is happening on a day to day basis. Anytime students drink too much, alcohol begins to act as a poison to the body. If their lucky they will simply pass out at this stage. This is the body’s way of preventing us from drinking any more. When we drink too much too fast, however, our bodies can skip the passing-out stage and go straight into a coma and death, sorry but its true.  

So how do we know how much is “too much”?  

Acute alcohol poisoning is often linked to those late night drinking games and birthday celebrations where the birthday boy’s friends buys him or her a shot over and over.    

These friendly events can and do kill people. Stop for a minute and imagine what it would be like to know that the friend you encouraged to down nineteen shots last night didn’t wake up this morning, and will never wake up ever again. This is a terrifying thought for most people, but there are things you can learn and do that will help prevent it from ever becoming a reality for you.    

You need to acknowledge that people who have acute alcohol poisoning frequently have cold, clammy, pale, or bluish skin. Their breathing often decelerates to around eight breaths per minute or they may develop an irregular breathing pattern. Anybody who's been boozing and is unconscious and can’t be woken is most likely in danger from alcohol poisoning, or of vomiting while “sleeping", and then simply chocking to death on it.    

Whenever you make out any of these signs in somebody who you know has been boozing, you need to act at once to save their lives. You need to do something now. There have been too many occasions when an affectionate acquaintance has aided a drunkard to bed to “catch some Z's”, only to find them dead in the morning.    

It does not matter in the slightest if the drinker is underage or not supposed to drink for whatever reason. If you suspect your friend, someone you know or just see may be suffering from acute alcohol poisoning, call an ambulance. Don’t ask twenty people for their opinion before you do this you could cost that person their life. Next, use the Bacchus Manoeuvre to roll them into the recovery position so they won’t choke if they vomit. If they stop breathing, administer rescue breathing immediately. And stay with the person until the ambulance arrives.    

If a friend of yours is putting themselves sat risk for acute alcohol poisoning, let them know you think they should stop drinking and why. Become aware of the signs of alcohol poisoning and know how to respond by doing so, this can prevent an unnecessary death of a student or friend.

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