ACT AGAINST COPYRIGHT If a Party Infringes Your Copyright

If your copyright has been infringed, you have a right to take legal action. However, copyright cases are usually hard to judge and are very on the expenditure you will endure.

It is therefore advised that you attempt to form a personal agreement with the infringing party (settle out of court) should this be a request for them to remove the material or to charge them a fee (royalties) for using the copyrighted material. If the infringing party refuses to accept your offer, you would be advised to seek legal advice before taking further action.

Infringing a copyright on purpose is a serious incident, however more serious copyright issues on a larger scale will be dealt with by the police i.e. copying and distributing CD's, videos, software, etc.  

Using Copyright Material That Is Not Yours

If you want to reproduce material that is not yours, you must get the permission from the copyright owner. If they allow you to reproduce the material, they may charge you or let you reproduce it for free (with strict terms and conditions which should be in a text of some sort, signed and dated).

There are certain exceptions where permission is not required: For research and private study purposes (bibliography is used to show where information was taken from)
Reviewing & reporting Using as teaching material However, if any of the above requires copying large amounts of the work or making numerous copies of the work, permission is required, for example, photocopying a whole text book out and giving it away to all the students in the establishment.

'Crown copyright' material can usually be reproduced freely given that it is reproduced accurately and not in a misleading fashion that the material is the work of the reproducing party.

What Exactly is Crown Copyright Material?

Crown copyright grants the party a non-exclusive licence to use the material produced for its own internal purposes only. The party using this material is prohibited from selling, supplying or re-transmitting the data and information to any third party in any form.

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