THE MALE CONDOM   Male condoms are designed to fit over a man’s penis in order to prevent sperm entering his partner when they are having sex. Condoms are a barrier method of contraception and are made of thin latex. There are many different varieties to change sensation, offer further protection or for those who have a latex allergy. When using condoms it is very important to check that they have a Kite mark to show they are approved as safe and also that they are not past their use by date. Open packets very carefully to avoid ripping them with nails or teeth. You should always ensure the condom is the correct way before putting it on.  

To put a condom on simply pinch the teat at the top and roll it down the penis until it reaches the base. The penis should always be erect before you do this. If you are using a lubricant make sure if is water based, as oil based ones can damage condoms. After ejaculating the man should quickly withdraw from his partner, being careful to hold on to the condom at the base of his penis. He should then remove it from his penis without spilling any of the contents and go and put it in the bin, washing his hands afterwards. Never re-use a condom, even if you want sex again directly after you just have then a fresh condom should always be used. It is important to put the condom on before the penis makes any contact with the vagina as otherwise a small amount of semen may get into her. If they are used correctly in this way then they are 98% effective and protect against STIs/STD's.  

Condoms are available for sale at most chemists, drugstores or supermarkets and you can also get them free from the doctors, a GUM clinic or a family planning centre. To be extra safe many couples like to use condoms alongside a hormonal method such as the pill.

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