GENITAL HERPES FEMALE   Genital herpes are the same in men and women and are caused by a virus which is very similar to the one which causes cold sores. Symptoms include:

Small blisters filled with fluid which leave sores once burst Itching or tingling around the genital region
Flu like symptoms

This STD can recur but is generally not that much of a problem after the first time as it is not as uncomfortable and doesn’t last as long. The sores will scab over and heal over time but this is one of the longer lasting STDs in terms of healing time as it can take up to four weeks. Take care when you urinate that you do not somehow splash the sores as this can cause a lot of pain.

Generally you should not have any sexual contact when the virus is active and you have the tingling or sores as it is very infectious. However, it can be spread at any time through kissing, vaginal, anal or oral sex so always use a condom.

If you think you may have this STD then go to get it diagnosed immediately at a doctor’s or GUM clinic as you can be treated with tablets within the first 72 hours or the symptoms occurring. Even if you do not have a positive test result (these take around 2 weeks to come back after having a swab taken) you may still be given the treatment if the doctor or nurse things that you do have the infection.

If you get frequent bouts of this or it makes you feel very unwell then please seek medical help as there is advice you can be given to ensure that you stay as well as you can be.

If you are prone to this STI or have had it in the past you should tell a midwife if you become pregnant, even if you haven’t had a flare up recently. It may mean you need a caesarean instead of having birth naturally and there is a slight chance of miscarriage if you get a flare up early in the pregnancy.

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