CHLAMYDIA   One of the most common STD’s of recent times, it worryingly does not actually have symptoms a lot of the time or at least 50% of men don’t notice them. It is a lot harder for men to identify having Chlamydia as for them there are only three real symptoms:

A burning sensation or pain when peeing

A discharge from the penis

Swelling or pain in the testicles

Because of the fact that most people don’t have symptoms at all it can sometimes be referred to as ‘the silent disease. This is also a key reason to make sure that you get tested at a GUM clinic.

The cause of this STD is bacteria known as Chlamydia Trachomatis. In men it may cause a swelling of the reproductive region which can obviously be painful and so you should definitely look out for any signs of this although, of course, if you do notice this symptom it could be due to something else. 10% of sexually active people now have this disease so please get checked if you are worried. It is passed on through vaginal, anal or oral sex so please make sure you wear a condom to protect yourself, whichever type of sex you are having.

You can get a test done free at any STD testing centre or your doctor’s surgery, or you can buy a kit yourself either from a chemists or over the internet if you would prefer. It generally involves just giving a urine sample but in some cases a sample will be taken from your urethra instead. The results come back in about a week.

It is easily treatable by simple antibiotics (you will need to go to a GUM clinic or your doctors you get these). You will most likely only need a short course, especially if you catch it early, but remember that drinking can stop antibiotics working so it is best to steer clear of the alcohol to make sure that it works and you won’t need more treatment.

Another thing to know about this particular STD is that it can be spread to your eyes if you touch them directly after your genitals without washing your hands in between. Please don’t do this- it will causing swelling and soreness and of course could be noticed by other people, and you don’t want to be explaining the cause of that do you...

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